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I love twitch tv as most of you know, but sometimes its hard  to find friends even in normal life, I do have a hand full of friends I have found over the last couple of years of streaming ,I started way back in the middle of 2013 . I took a 2015 off due to my bad internet (adsl1 phone line internet in australia) but now I have the NBN (Cable fibrer) I am starting to get back into it  with a good set up so far.

I met  a  guy called troublesomejon ( his twitch name, as we all have diffrent names on twitch tv)from the UK, and a few of his friends there and have fitted in nicely. Its basicly like an online social network for streamers like myself whow have trouble finding a place on twitch ,its good too with discord a  kind of voice and text chat service for streamers and we can help each other out with stuff related to streaming, and some  times not related to streaming.

please feel free to check out there website   and who knows we might see you as part of a growing team!!



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